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KA0KA Kenwood TS-850/DSP Mods
Amateur Radio SSB & ESSB Hi-fi Audio Experimentation. Kenwood TS-850S / DSP-100 Modifications and settings.
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Be Linear and Clean with the
model RF-D RF Demodulator
and Series RF-S Variable RF Sampler
for your Oscilloscope Monitoring.
NU9N ESSB Hi-fi Audio Setup
Recommendations for processed SSB, ESSB, AM Hi-Fi, Mid-Fi, Amateur Radio Audio Setup for transmitters, receivers and Amateur Radio Recording/Playback.
National RF, Inc.
State of the art radio frequency and unique electronic products. Milliwatt RF Meter, Spectrum Marker Generator, RF Vector Finders, RX Step Attenuators, TX Power Attenuators, VHF/UHF Location Finding Antennas, RF Proximity Detectors, Resonance Dip Meter, ULF/VLF Research Receiver covering 200Hz ~ 250kHz.
Fair Radio Sales
Hard to find communication gear. Air Capacitors, Meters, Analyzers, Amplifiers, Tubes, Inductors, Crystals, Test Gear, Rack Cabinets and much more.
Surplus Sales of Nebraska
A large selection of hard to find RF related parts. Tubes, Air Variable Capacitors, Inductors, Crystals, Vacume Relays and Capacitors, Transformers and more.
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