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Kenwood TS-850S / DSP-100 Hi-Fi TX / RX Mods

This site was developed to help with modifications that cover:
Flat Receiver Response Flat Receiver Response Mod: 20Hz to 6kHz
Internal Mic preamp Bypassed TS-850S Internal Mic Amp Bypass - Feeding The DSP-100 Direct
Direct Balanced Modulator Feed Direct "Balanced Modulator" Feed For Excellent AM Quality Transmission
TS-850 Menu Setup for Hi-Fi Audio TS- 850S Menu & Control's Setup For Hi-fi Audio Operations

Introduction from KA0KA:
Amateur Radio ESSB Hi-fi audio is becoming more and more popular every
About Tyler - KA0KA
day as can be heard on any of the HF bands. With the recent experimentation done with the Kenwood TS-850S/DSP-100 combination, this site was developed to share a wealth of information necessary to achieve high quality modulation on SSB and AM.

See also my "CleanRF.com" website, an excellent source for your RF Sampler and RF Demodulator needs used for RF linearity measurements and AM modulation monitoring.

Have fun!

Tyler, KA0KA


The KA0KA Rack

Kenwood TS-850 Setup

Before/After Receiver Analysis

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