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Linear Amplifier
When an HF Linear Amplifier is not tuned correctly, out of band, unintelligible RF products will develop.
RF Demodulator RF Sampler
The "Splatter View" model RF-D (RF Demodulator) and series RF-S (Variable RF Sampler) were created to ensure that your signal remains truly linear and distortion free for maximum intelligibility! (See "Splatter View" Series products)
Linear RF Envelope
Now, a real-time signal comparison between your amplifier's various pre and post operating conditions can be achieved!
Oscilloscope Monitoring
The model RF-D and series RF-S, when used with your existing oscilloscope, will provide a reference observation as your occupied RF bandwidth remains directly proportional to your transmitter's audio passband. Say goodbye to mistuned nonlinear amplifiers and dirty signals forever!

Be Linear And Clean With the Model RF-D RF Demodulator,
Series RF-S Variable RF Sampler, and RF-AM AM Modulation Monitor
For Your Oscilloscope Station Monitoring!

Amplifier "Load" Contril

No More Guessing! ... Get it Right the First Time and Protect Your Investment!


The model RF-D (RF Demodulator) is designed to directly demodulate the RF envelope from your transmitter to a usable signal suitable for feeding the Horizontal "X" input of your oscilloscope. This establishes a pre-amplifier reference signal.

Additionally, the RF-D (RF Demodulator) may be used as an AM Audio Modulation Monitor yielding a flat audio frequency response ranging from 10 Hz to 16 kHz as well as providing envelope source trigger synchronization.

The model RF-S2K (Variable RF Sampler) is designed to directly sample and convert the RF envelope from a high power amplifier to a usable signal suitable for feeding the Vertical "Y" input of your oscilloscope. This may be used to establish a post-amplifier reference signal when used with the RF-D.

Additionally, the RF-S2K (Variable RF Sampler) may be used as an RF coupling probe for spectrum analysis, RF envelope observation or frequency counting and control.

When It's Tuned Right, It Looks Right!

AM Modulation Monitor

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